• Why Should I choose you?

    Wooden flooring is not just a product for us – it is a way of life. We love the colors and warmth of wooden floorings bring to your homes and lives. We love the strength and durability of wooden floorings that make them stand out from the rest. We think that wooden flooring is the best thing you can do for your home and family as its benefits are myriad. Come, give it a try.

  • What kind of wood do you generally use?

    We offer wooden flooring in different species sourced from around the world. From the North American Walnut to European Oak , Canadian Maple and the prized Burma Teak to exotic woods like Brazilian Walnut , Brazilian Cherry, Wenge and Sapele to name a few.

  • Does your flooring come with any warranty?

    Yes, our wooden flooring comes with different warranties, based on the product you choose from us.

  • Do you stock a variety in colors and styles of wood to create different kinds of textures and ambience?

    We offer the wildest variety of colors, textures and finishes to suit individual tastes of customers. One can choose various options among open grains surface, brushed, smoked, hand sculpted, natural finished, anti scratch lacquered floors and luxurious custom finished oiled floors. With wide varieties, colors and textures , our wooden flooring, can match any theme, style or taste whether contemporary, vintage or modern. Please tell us of your needs and we will fulfill the rest. We source our wooden floorings from different parts of the world to ensure that we deliver the best to you in every color, make and pattern you would ever desire. In case you get overwhelmed with choice, our staff will always be present to suggest the best options tailored to your requirement.

  • Is it advisable to use wooden flooring over conventional flooring like stone or marble?

    It is a proven fact that marble and stone flooring are very hard and send back the shock waves generated when there is a fall, causing muscle damage, since they do not absorb shock. Wood is naturally shock absorbent so walking on wooden flooring is causes less strain on legs and back for children and elders. It is the ideal flooring, since major injuries are unknown when mishaps occur on real wood flooring, while a similar mishap on marble or stone flooring could lead to multiple injuries including fractures. Real wood floors are also temperature neutral in any climate. They don not heat up in summer or are too cold in winter and therefore always pleasant to walk, sit or lie on without a need for any other floor covering.

  • Can superficial scratches, heel marks, cigarette burns and other stains be removed?

    Planks severely scratched or damaged due to accident can be easily removed and replaced to make your wooden floor keep looking new forever. For removing stubborn stains or sticky marks like lipstick stains or cigarette burns, please refer to detailed instructions on the Care and Maintenances leaflet we have provided you with at the time of installation or call our staff at our showroom for further assistance.

  • How durable is it? Does it require to be replace frequently?

    Real wood floorings are as long lasting as their top layer. The thicker the top layer, the longer the life of your wood flooring will be.

  • One of the characteristics of the Wooden flooring is that it expands, how will you deal with that?

    All real woods are naturally prone to some expansion and contraction due to climate change and humidity levels in the room where the wooden flooring is laid. To lessen troubles with wooden flooring, we will assist you in appropriate selection of lumber and proper installation.

  • How does once clean wooden flooring without water?

    Contrary to common misconception, wooden flooring is very easy to maintain. Since stains and dirt can be easily wiped away due to special surface finishes. Periodically moping with a semi wet mop or vacuum is sufficient. Excessive water can damage wooden flooring. Lacquered surfaces are non porous unlike stone, marble or other flooring options and therefore stains can be easily and effortlessly removed.